Riverside east of the Tower on the south bank - Littlebrook

Riverside east of the Tower on the south bank

This posting only covers sites on the south bank. The section north of the river is Purfleet jetties

Old marshland area dominated by the QE Bridge and largely consisting of a business park in defunct power station buildings

Post to the east Dartford crossings
Post to the north Purfleet Unilever
Post to the west Long Reach
Post to the south Dartford Crossing and Crossways

Dartford Crossing
Tunnel Ventilation shaft
Dartford tunnel works. The tunnel was begun in the 1930s and the works buildings remained in situ until work could recommence in the 1950s.

The Littlebrook is a stream which flows through the marshes to the river. It is now contained in man-made drainage ditches on the marsh. The name is used in Saxon charters

Littlebrook Manor Way
This once ran from Overy Street in Dartford to the river
Littlebrook power station A, This was the first power station on the site. It was coal fired and opened by the Kent Electric Power Company in 1939.  It was later converted to burn oil over coal, and was closed in 1973. The steam from the boilers supplied three steam turbine generators. The boiler house has now been converted to house a reactor simulator,
Littlebrook power station B. This opened in 1949 and originally burned coal, but was later converted to oil. It remained in use until 1975. Its boilers directly supplied steam to a turbine-generator. The building is now offices
Littlebrook power station C was opened between 1952 and 1956 by the Central Electricity Generating Board and like the two earlier plants, it was originally coal-fired, but was converted to oil. It was replaced by D Station. Part of the station remains and is now offices
Littlebrook D, was to the west of this square
Jetty – this is the original 'A' station coal jetty and it was used for the smaller sea bourne oil cargoes.
The original 132kV substation, built for the 'A' station, has kept although modified
Littlebrook Business Park. Offices in power station and other buildings

Dartford Council. Web site
RWE, Web site


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