Riverside east of the Tower and south bank. Crayfordness

Riverside east of the Tower, south bank.

Point out into the river with beacons and nearby scrap yards

Post to the south Dartford Marshes
Post to the west Great Coldharbour
Post to the north Purfleet
Post to the east Purfleet

Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is18 miles from London Bridge and was originally a stone tower established in the 1950s and replaced in 1967 by a red metal structure. It is on the land side of the flood barrier. It was moved in 1982 as part of the Greater London Council Thames Flood defence system.  It was later demolished and then built in a corrugated iron shed on the PLA radar tower.  The light is visible for three miles. There is a connecting walkway to the radio communication tower.
Radar Tower. Port of London authority tower. Monitors between Gravesend and Woolwich. This grey painted 74 feet high metal tower is connected by a walkway to another similar tower,
Radio Communication Tower. Connected to the radar tower but twice the size.
Crayfordness Limit. No vessel which is carrying in bulk either a flammable or toxic substance of Class 2 is allowed to navigate, anchor or moor in the Thames west of the Crayfordness limit.

River Walls
The wall is 17th in origins although eastwards it includes Saxon and Roman work.

Baldwin. The River and the Downs
Lighthouses Web site
Port of London Authority. Web site


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