Riverside - north end of Tilbury Docks

Riverside north of the river and east of the tower
Northern Tilbury Dock.
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This post only covers sites north of the Thames

Part of Tilbury Docks including the grain termimal and various associated milling businesses and other activities

Post to the south Tilbury Ness
Post to the west Northfleet Terminal

Tilbury Dock
Extension dock. This square only covers the northern part of the 1960s extension dock. This was built between 1963–1966 running north from Main Dock for nearly a mile.  The main contractors were Howard and Mowlem
Pluto. The site of the dock extension is said to have been where Pluto was assembled. This Pipe Line Under the Ocean was for pumping fuel oils from England to France, post D-Day 1944. It was assembled, welded and wound on to floating bobbins, called Conundrum, which were launched here.
Rail links. Internal dock rail lines run from a junction with the main line railway to the north east and travelled round the extension dock,
Grain Terminal. This was built in 1969 on the riverside and was at the time the largest in Europe. It can handle just under a million and a half tonnes a year serving both exports and imports to local and regional flour mills. It is supported by a state-of-the-art computerized operation and high-speed loading facilities. It is approved for handling organic products by the Organic Food Federation and has storage for 120 million tons with more than 200 separate silos.
Grain Terminal jetty.
Allied Mills. Sunblest Mill provides flour to Allied bakeries
Thames Flour Mills. Operated by Rank Hovis

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