Riverside - north bank, east of the Tower. Tilbury Power Station

Riverside north of the river and east of the Tower. Tilbury Power Station

An area dominated by the now defunct power stations

Post to the west Tilbury Fort
Post to the south Denton

Fort Road
Tilbury Power station. This was first opened in 1958 by Col. Whitmore. There were two power stations here.
Tilbury A Power Station opened in the 1950s and was closed in 1981. The station generated enough current for 80% of the population of Essex.  It was originally commissioned by the Central Electricity Generating Board. It was part demolished in 1999 the only remains being listed parts of the building
Tilbury B Power Station. Generating 1,428 MW it opened in 1967 and has used coal, oil and biomass. It was built by the Central Electricity Generating Board and, until 2011, operated as a coal-fired power station with the capacity to generate 1,131MW of electricity for the National Grid. It was privatised in 1990 and given to National Power. It is now operated by RWE npower.  Cooling water is drawn from the Thames and the station connects to the National Grid through a 275 kV substation.  In 2011 it was converted to burn biomass only using wood pellets imported from America to make it the biggest biomass generating site in the world. The converted plant re-opened in 2012 and ran on biomass. Operation of the plant on biomass rather than coal resulted in greenhouse gas savings in excess of 70%.  This has now been stopped because of finance problems and it closed in 2013 under the Large Combustion Plant Directive
The jetty was enlarged in 2004 to take carrying up to 65,000 tons of coal.

River bank
Strengthened with debris from Tower Hill underground

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