Riverside east of the Tower and north of the river. Stoneness

Riverside east of the Tower and north of the river

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A lonely area and a tiny reminder of what most of the Thameside marshes once were.


Burnley Road

Road Train. This is a lorry drivers training school
Tardis. They supply clean water in tankers

Channel Tunnel Rail Link
This runs north east:south east under the area

The point marks the river’s turn out of Long Reach and into St.Clement’s or Fiddler’s Reach
Lighthouse  No.5. This is 22 miles from London Bridge. It was established in 1885 and carries a wind generator on its top, at 44 feet high, the light is visible for 9 miles.
Pill boxes – these are defence structures from the Second World War and there is one either side of the lighthouse and point.
Sluice outlet
Ancient ferry to Greenhithe. Thought to be used by pilgrims although this can’t be proved. There is a footpath to Stoneness from St. Clements Church. It is thought mainly to have been used for cattle.  It continued into the 1950s.

West Thurrock Lagoon and Marshes.
When the sea wall was rebuilt the flood channel behind it, about 1,100 yd. west of Stone Ness, was left as a lake, named as 'the Breach' on maps down to the 19th and later shown as swamp. It is an important site for wintering waders and wildfowl attracted by the extensive intertidal mudflats together with a large and secure high tide roost,
Stone Ness salt marsh is noted for the size and character of its marsh plant community. The saltings constitute the largest area of salt marsh in the inner Thames estuary,
The lagoon is an important high tide roost for overwintering waders and wildfowl. Large reed beds border its south and eastern perimeter where Reed Warblers, Sedge Warblers and the Bearded Tit breed.
West Thurrock trading estate

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