River Colne. Drop Lane

River Colne
The Colne flows westward and is met by the River Ver from the north
The River Ver flows south wards and is met by the Hanstead Brook from the north west
The Hanstead Brook flows southwards

Rural area with big houses and utilities

Post to the east Netherwylde
Post to the north Smug Oak Lane
Post to the west Bricket Wood

Drop Lane
Gravel extraction along the riverside area has altered the area and some of the length of the Ver is now canalised.
Hanstead Livery Stables. Lower Stud. The Hanstead Brook, flowing from Hanstead Park meets the Ver here.
Riverside Stables
Drop Lane Pumping Station . This is described as one of the ‘Clay Lane Group’ of ground water pumping stations which pump from the chalk aquifer in the Colne Valley. They supply drinking water to Watford and some of North West W. London. This building is a in a barn-like style because Lady Yule wanted it to fit into the rural landscape.
Pumping Station. South of the road of a utilitarian design
Ford and stepping stones.
Hanstead House. The house was built in 1925 for Sir David Yule. His family had made a fortune through trade with India.  His daughter remained in the house until 1957 after which it was sold.  In 1959 it became the site of the Ambassador College, an American religious institution. The house became broadcasting and printing centre for them as well as a college.  Sports facilities were installed including tennis courts, a running track and a swimming pool and gymnasium. In 1974 the sport facilities were sold separately to become a local centre and the college eventually passed to HSBC in 1993.  This has now closed
Grave of Sir David Yule is in a graveyard in the park to the east of the house.
Site of Roman Villa

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