Dollis Brook - Mays Lane

Dollis Brook
The Dollis Brook flows eastwards

Post to the west Moat Mount
Post to the east Totteridge Common
Post to the south Holcombe Hill

Barnet Gate Lane
Brent Lodge Farm

Hendon Wood Lane
Old Chomelian Sports Club. Club for the old boys of Highgate School
Hendon Wood Lane Open Space

Mays Lane
Old Elizabethans (Barnet) Memorial Playing Field. Sports club for the old pupils of Queen Elizabeth School, Barnet. This ground was bought by the Association in the late 1940s from donations from members and from monies remaining in its War Memorial Fund as a War Memorial.

Totteridge Common
St.Edwards College. Roman Catholic White Fathers seminary and college. In this building and Oak Lodge adjacent since the 1980s. Now closed.


Hightgate School web site
Old Elizabetban web site


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