Thames Tributaries – the River Wandle - the Bourne tributary - Purley Oaks

Thames Tributaries – the River Wandle
The Bourne continues to flow underground southwards towards the Wandle.

Post to the west Purley

Brighton Road Junction for the earlier site of the Royal Oak. An early road to Brighton arrived here from Kennington and Croydon. It then continued into what is now

Riddlesdown Road. This stretch of road is mainly car dealers.
The Bourne was open from the Royal Oak to the Windsor Castle.415 Toby carvery in the Windsor Castle pub. This pub was there during the life of the Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Railway when it was a coach stop and horse changes of 65 and 50 seconds were recorded – although these were on runs done for bets.
Purley Delivery Office, Royal Mail. This was the site of a gibbet in the 19th and earlier.
Office block built for Volkswagen on an island site, an oval building of five storeys on stilts, with two central staircases. By Raglan Squire & Partners, 1964-7.

Churchill Avenue
Route of Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Tramway ran parallel to the east side of this road and crossed about half way down the southern right angle.

Beech Avenue
Purley Beeches. Park with facilities and beech trees. Purchased by public subscription in 1907, so there was a beech tree on Purley’s coat of arms.

Biddulph Road
The road was built in the early 20th on the floor of the semi circle of Haling Chalk pit and cliffs rise above the houses. There were once kilns in the pit and it could claim to be London’s first rail linked quarry,
Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Tramway. The trackbed ran below the level of the alley at the back of the houses and in the gardens of Brighton Road. This alley peters out but supposed to have been a siding at the end

Kingsdown Avenue
Route of Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Tramway crossed Kingsdown Avenue. The asphalt path at the back of the houses is on the line of the tramway.

Penwortham Road
Sanderstead Lawn Tennis Club, founded 1904.

Purley Oaks Road
Purley means 'wood with pear-trees'. And in the area Beech and Oak names turn up.
Purley Oaks Station. Built in 1899 by the London Brighton & South Coast Railway. It lies Between Purley and South Croydon on Southern Rail and has Solid red brick buildings for suburban services

Purley Road
St.Gertrude church. Roman Catholic built 1903. by F. A. Walters.

Riddlesdown Road
This is the line of the Roman Road and the earliest route between London and Brighton.
Council depot. Purley recycling centre

Means ‘sandy place’.

Sanderstead Road
Sanderstead Station 1884. Between South Croydon and Riddlesdown on Southern Rail
South Croydon Recreation Ground. Bought by the council in 1889. Once it had a bandstand.

St.Mary’s Road
St Ann’s Roman Catholic Girls School. Demolished, the site is now housing.

Wyche Grove
Entrance to the recreation ground is a stone sleeper block in the wall from the Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Tramway


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