Thames Tributaries – the River Wandle - The Bourne Tributary - Kenley

Thames Tributaries – the River Wandle
The Bourne tributary continues flowing underground and unseen towards the Wandle.

Post to the west Reedham
Post to the north Purley
Post to the east Riddlesdown

Cross Road
School converted to housing

Godstone Road
A22 this is the old Lewes Road the ancient road into Sussex
Oakwood School. Private Catholic ‘prep’ school.

Higher Drive
Recreation Ground. A park managed by Croydon Council. It is made up of two fields– the first taken over in 1925 and the second in 1953. A hedge runs between the two parts, once part of a field path crossing the area.
69 St.Barnabas Church. Church of 1958 replacing a 19th building

Little Roke Avenue
Mission Hall built 1903 by Ashburner. Used as a community and parish hall since 1915.

Northwood Avenue
Foxley Hall. Built by oil and cake merchant, George Armstrong in 1875. It later became the property of the Densham, Mazawattee Tea, family. Since replaced by housing.
Foxley Wood. Owned and managed by the London Borough of Croydon. It is recorded as ‘Foxele’ in 1279, ‘and by the 16th it was called ‘Great Foxley’ and ‘Lyttle Foxley’. It means a ‘wood frequented by foxes'. It includes an area called Sherwood Oak. Pond with circular brick edging.
Quarry above Foxley Hall used for gravel extraction and subsequently as the municipal tip
Reedham Drive
Reedham School. The Asylum for Fatherless Children was founded by Andrew Reed in 1844 initially in Richmond. In 1856 they were able to build a new and grand school in what became known as Reedham. By 1950 it was called Reedham School but closed in 1979.
St.Nicholas School.
Beaumont School. On the site of Reedham School
St.James Road
St.James Church

Sylverdale Road
Methodist Church


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