Bexleyheath - Pickford Lane

Brampton Road
Old lane – before the 1930s almost the only lane through the area, and this is reflected in a sprinkling of 19th country houses, mostly now gone.
164 J. Thorn & Co. pre-fabricated building construction. This firm was on a large site behind housing – now Kingsgate Close. They went out of business in 1969.
142 Brampton Lodge
Brampton House. Country house demolished and replaced by semis
Brampton Place. Country house demolished and replaced by semis

Husdson Road
49 St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School. It was established in 1980 to cater for the educational needs of St. Thomas More Parish and St. John Vianney Parish, Bexleyheath.

Long Lane,
Another old lane which is now a long road consisting almost entirely of 1930s semis.  There is a small, nameless, green on the corner of Hudson Road
The Yacht. This was built in 1938 and is the licence transferred from a demolished pub in Erith. Dartford Brewery and Style and Winch.

Pickford Close
Racing magnate Bernie Ecclestone lived here when first married.

Pickford Road
St Peter’s Parish Church and Hall. Evangelical Anglican church. In 1930 £2,000 was fund raised by local people. This resulted in a Mission Hall. Money raising activities continued and in 1936 a new Hall was opened. In 1957 a new octagonal church building to replace the mission was opened. Hans Feibusch painted murals which are now on the wall behind the Communion Table and within the dome of the roof.

Station Approach.
Bexleyheath Station. This opened in 1895 and now lies between Barnehurst and Welling Stations on South Eastern Trains. It was opened on the Bexleyheath Railway and was sited north west of the town centre because Robert Kersey, a director of the company, owned Brampton Place and wanted to profit by it. It meant However that the station it was a quarter of a mile north of the Dover Road and a mile from the market place. It is in a cutting at a point where an embankment ends. Originally it had weather boarded buildings with a bridge across the tracks which were gas lit. There was a amall waiting room on the down side.  The footbridge was built prior to electrification in 1926.  In 1936 these buildings were replaced by brick ones.
Goods yard. This was some distance from the station in a cutting. It was extended in 1932 with a new car road and another siding and a redundant goods shed was brought here from Chilworth and Albury Station. It closed in 1968
Signal box. 

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