RIverside. South bank, east of the Tower. Thamesmead Pumping Station

Riverside south bank east of the Thames. 
Thamesmead Pumping Station

Riverside path with a pumping station keeping Thamesmead from floods
Post to the east Thamesmead and Crossness
Post to the north Barking
Post to the south Thamesmead

This post has sites on the south bank only. The site to the north is Barking Power Stations

Thameside and Riverside Path
Pumping station. The pumping station dates from the early 1970s and was one of the first pieces of infrastructure for the new town of Thamesmead. It was initially operated by the National Rivers Authority. This is Lake 4 or Thamesmere Pumping Station, part of the Marsh Dykes Catchment. The catchment was created in 2013 to bring a catchment-based approach to the waterways of Thamesmead. The pumping station has four Archimedes screw pumps, with associated diesel and electrical motors. Its function is to pre-determine the height of storm water in the holding lake. The pumps automatically start and transfer water to the Thames. The station can pump 8,000 litres of water per second, and has a new electrical control system. More than 700 houses and 16.5 acres of commercial property are protected from flooding by its pumps. It is built on an area of riverside which appears to have been a marshy incursion and unused by the Royal Arsenal.

Environment Agency. Web site,
Spurgeon. Discover Crayford and Erith
Wigfall. Thamesmead


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