Riverside - south bank east of the Tower. Botany Marshes

Riverside south bank east of the Tower.  Botany Marshes

What was once marshland with many many old and new industrial sites.  Somewhere hidden here is a theatre, with little information and or signage

Post to the south Stonebridge
Post to the east Tilbury Ness
Post to the north Northfleet Terminal

Lower Road
London Bus Company. Depot. They claim to be the leading supplier of vintage buses, operating the largest fleet in the country, offering classic red and green Routemaster buses, single deckers and open top vehicles. Amazing collection of buses.
Britannia House. Old Metal Refinery Studio Theatre. This is part of Walk Tall.  This is a therapeutic organisation and drama school.

Manor (Botany Road) Way
Britannia Metal Refiners. This company are refiners of lead and silver and have been in business since the 1950s.  They are now part of the Swiss based Xstra group.
Britannia Cement Works. This was Macevoy and Henry Holt's works which was built in the 1870s. They became a member of Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers in 1900.  It shut in 1902.
Britannia Terminal. Operated by Mowlem and handles plant and machinery
Tower Wharf. Seacon Terminals Ltd.  Tower Wharf. The wharf has two Berths one of which is covered. There are three 40-tonne gantry cranes operating on covered berth  and two 20-tonne harbour cranes on the main jetty as well as mobile cranes up to 500-tonnes. They have 32,700 square metres of covered storage space on a 22 acre site plus a temperature controlled warehouse for sensitive products. This is owned bit Seacon, a private company owned by the Roth family.  It Was Founded in 1955 as Sea & Continental Waterways Transport Ltd, Seacon
Northfleet Coal and Ballast Co. It is thought that they first opened the wharf in 1868. They dealt in coal, and later chalk,  transhipment. They eventually transferred to Thurrock
Kent Deep Water Wharf Co.  Which became Northfleet Deep Water Wharf Co. dealing with traffic from New Northfleet Paper Mills Ltd.  A new locomotive shed was opened in 19563.
Tower Portland Cement works. This was from 1873 to1880 Goreham, from 1881 to-1900 Tower Portland Cement Co. Ltd and then 1900 APCM (Blue Circle). It was otherwise known as Butchard’s Works. There were six chamber kilns in 1890 Increased later to sixteen. The plant used water transport, although a rail link was later made.
A railway came from this site and passed under Lower Road with a loop to the South Eastern Railway line
Northfleet industrial estate. Trading and light industry stretching to the west of this square
Reservoir – this lies at the back of the north of the estate
Barney Sands. The firm dates to 1939, when three friends, Ron Barney, Roy Sands, and Peter Hartridge made up a company name from their surnames and opened a firm as coachbuilders in Maidstone. In 1946 they moved to Northfleet and in 1976 the firm was bought by West Brothers. They moved into crash repair due to growing demand. In 1986 the Company moved to Northfleet Industrial Estate.

Barney Sands. Web page
Britannia Metal. Web page
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Stoyel and Kidner. The Cement Railways of Kent
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