River Bulbourne Bourne End

River Bulbourne
The Bulbourne flows south east wards
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Where the A41, the main railway line from Euston and the Grand Union Canal are adjacent.  On the outskirts of Berkhamsted here is the sewage works

Post to the west Long Green
Post to the east Bourne End

The A41 is a major trunk road that links London to Birkenhead. The original road followed part of the line of the Roman Akeman Street and 18th Sparrows Herne turnpike. This section which is part of the bypass road between Tring and the M25 was finally built in the early 1990s to a lower standard than other parts of the motorway sections. The 7-mile Berkhamsted bypass opened in September 1993

Grand Union Canal
Sewer Lock
Little Heath Lane Lock
Sharpes Lane Bridge

Little Heath Lane
Parts of this road are or were called Broadway Church Lane and also Haxters Lane
Berkhamsted Sewage Works. A sewage disposal works has been on this site since the late 19th built by the then Rural District Council.  The works is now owned by Thames Water and has been extensively upgraded in the 1990s. It discharges into the canal and a reed bed is now installed as a filter and to reduce foam into the canal.
Watercress beds on the south side of the river appear to have been served by a narrow gauge light railway or tramway
Canal Bridge
Rail bridge

London Road
St. John. In the mid 19th Bourne End was in the Northchurch Parish and it was felt that people in the eastern part of the parish needed their own church, G. Gilbert Scott was commissioned to design a church and it is thought to be of the first of his smaller churches. It was consecrated in 1855. Stained glass windows were designed by Alfred Bell and made by Powell’s in 1854. It was paid for by the rector plus a small donation from the Duchy of Cornwall. In 1915 Bourne End became a parish in its own right with its own vicar but now shares an incumbent with the St.Michael & All Angels, Sunnyside. In 2001-2003 the church acquired a water supply, following community efforts for a kitchen and toilet. Replicas of some stolen stained glass have been installed. A new parish room has recently been built and is attached to the west end of the church
Broadway Farm. 19th buildings for a family business. ”Peter the Wild boy” is said to have died here in 1785.
Broadway Orchard

Pix Farm Lane
Pix Farm. In 1834 Robert Stephenson assembled the steam locomotive Harvey Coombe here in order to assist construction work, on the new railway line.

Sugar Lane
The lane was part of a through route from Berkhamsted and may have been used to avoid the tolls on the turnpike road.

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