River Colne Tolpits

River Colne
The Colne flows westwards

Post to the east Brightwells
Post to the west Croxley Hall

Common Moor
Croxley Common Moor is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Local Nature Reserve managed by Three Rivers District Council, the Countryside Management Service. It is historically in Watford Parish but the commoners rights lie in Croxley. The character and plants of the Moor are a result of centuries of commoners grazing livestock. This prevented trees and scrub from growing but more recently since cattle grazing on the Moor has become less common scrub has developed. Approximately 30 cows graze the Moor between June and October and can roam the whole site. The scrub is a good habit for birds and also for insects and grass snakes. Water Voles, Red Kites and a Red Backed Shrike have been recorded here. The many ant hills across the site show its undisturbed nature.

Olds Approach
Part of a larger industrial and trading area.

Watford and Rickmansworth railway - Ebury Way, on the line of the defunct railway partly runs through this area

Tolpits Lane
Universal Asbestos Co Ltd Handcraft Works. Dated from 1930. Taken over by Cape Asbestos in the 1950s. They made roof sheeting, huts, etc.
Tolpits House, now in multiple occupation as flats for staff from Merchant Taylors School. It is 18th in red brick, this was originally Tolpits Farm.
Playing fields with running track, these belong to merchant Taylors School.

Friends of Croxley Common Moor. Web Site
Grace’s Guide. Web site
Merchant Taylor’s School. Web site


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