Great Eastern Railway to Shenfield. Hutton Mount

Railway Line from Liverpool Street to Shenfield
The line running from Brentwood Station runs north eastwards

Post to the south Thrift Wood
Post to the north Shenfield

Abbots Close
On the site of Shenfield brickworks. The company took over the Cranham brick works in 1906 and became the Shenfield and Cranham Brick Co. and later Colliers. Bricks were hand made and sold as ‘Shenfield Reds’ and ‘Shenfield Brindles’.

Brockley Grove
Hutton and Shenfield UC Lawn Tennis Club. The Club was established in 1919 and has about 150 adult and 100 junior members using five astroturf courts, four with floodlights
Hutton and Shenfield Union Church. The church was founded in 1913, by the Baptist and Congregational Unions, to serve the growing community in and around Hutton Mount. Thus the ministry alternates between the Baptists and the United Reformed Church.
Brockley Wood

Herrington Grove
Built on the area of what was Herrington’s Farm

Hutton Road
63 Shenfield Library

Mount Area
This is one of the roads in the area known as Hutton Mount – quasi upmarket housing built in the 1930s.

Peahill Wood

Priests Lane
Brickfield Cottages. Built in 1898 these lie in a close which would have been adjacent to the brickfield.

A stream rises to the west of the railway, passes under it and flows north as a tributary to the river Wid.
Goods and other facilities stretched south on the eastern side of the railway parallel to what is now Herrington Road. This area is now covered by a large station car park, accessed by a path running from Mount Avenue.  Some railway infrastructure buildings remain there but it once contained goods facilities including cattle pens and a railway turntable.

Brennand. Ilford to Shenfield
Hutton and Shenfield UC Lawn Tennis Club. Web site
Hutton and Shenfield Union Church. Web site


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