Thames Tributaries – the River Wandle - St.Helier

Thames Tributaries – the River Wandle
The Wandle flows north west through the park

Post to the east Mitcham
Post to the north Morden Hall

Bishopsford Road
250 St.Theresa of the Child Jesus. RC church 1930 by W. C. Mangan.
St.Peter's church, 1932, with large mural on the front.

Llanthony Road
Moreton Green First School

Lillishall Road
131 Bishopsford Arts College. Secondary school
Moreton Green

Montacute Road
St.Theresa’s RC Primary School

Pollard Road
15 St.Joseph’s Convent

Ravensbury Park
Small open space on the banks of the Wandle –It has been a park since 1930. The section south of the Wandle has 200 year old Plane trees, as well as Sweet Gums, Chinese Cowtail Pine and Oaks although some trees were lost in the 1987 hurricane. In the bushes around the huts grow Witches Broom whose berries grow on the underside of the leaves.
Wandle flows through the park fed by side branches from Watermeads Estate and the Morden Road area. The river widens in what was the mill pond for Ravensbury Mill.


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