Church Road

Friends Meeting House

Salters Company Almshouses, 1863 by T. C. Sorby, an example of charitable Mid Victorian architecture. One central range and two short projecting wings. Red brick, Tudor style. The centre motif completely asymmetrical, with a tower and a stepped gable. Fine cedar trees between the Buildings. Ornate iron gates to the street.

Langley Road

41 Cross. Orchards Inn pub on the road leading west from Watford Junction Station, serving three guest beers from the Beer Seller list whenever possible. Distinct seating areas, offer either places for diners or relaxing sofas that are arranged around a central bar. There is a popular quiz

Nascot Road

16 Watford Synagogue

Park Road

St Andrew

Stamford Road

11 Nascot Arms. two rooms have been knocked into oneand the bar repositioned. It has remained a back-street local. Up to two traditional beers are usually available, one from an independent such as Bateman or Everards, screen shows most major live sporting events.

St.Alban's Road

St Alban's Road

Brewery.  Back Of Watford Junction, station was a siding out into Wells Brewery.  Beskins Brewery, 1905 and demolished.  The Pennant and Beskins offices in site of old Clarendon Arms Inn was a brewery owned by Roate.  Sold to Beskins in 1872, this was then the Railway Hotel.

McMillan & Co. own railway sidings

Petro-Flex Tubing Company. own railway sidings. Petro-Flex Tubing june of Cassiobury Works, St. Albans Road, Watford, Herts Manufacturers and suppliers in Great Britain. 1937 Flexible tubing manufacturers. "Petro-Flex" Unbreakable Tubing and Fittings1930Co From GracesGuide

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79 White Lion. The name is a reference to the badge of Edward IV

Watford Station. 20th July 1837. The original station at Watford was near to what is now Watford Junction Station but on a slightly different site.  The line here curves right round the town because a direct line would have gone through the grounds of Cassiobury – so the Earls of Essex and Clarendon insisted that the line swept in a quarter circle round the town and thus this the earliest Watford station was built immediately to the north of St. Albans road. The required diversion also involved digging a tunnel, in the course of which 10 men were killed.  A small brick building from the original of 1837 is now said to be used by repair garage and there is a loading bank of sleeper blocks,

Town Hall offices for Hille's by Erno Goldfinger

Caledonian Hotel by Archer Box 1969.

St Martins House by the Austin Smith Lord Partnership, 1970

House four-bay, three-storeyed brick house of early c18 type;

Halsey House with a long Early Victorian front.

Clarendon Hotel of 1860, yellow brick with Tuscan features

St.John’s Road

2 Estcourt Arms. a small, two-bar pub near Watford Junction Station. An observant customer will notice a subtle Irish influence, enhanced by the framed photographs and memorabilia that decorate the walls of the bar and small snug. The pub is known as Lynch's, after the landlord, who was   there for over 25 years. Live Irish music.


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