Potters Bar


High Street

Potters Bar Bus Garage.  Now Metroline London Northern.  Potter's Bar former LT bus garage, opened 1930 by LGOC, still fairly complete.

Tollgate stood at the junction of the two roads, Great North Road and the road going to Cuffley.  A car ran into it in the 1900s, war memorial replaced it.  The last of the toll-houses which gave it its name stood at the north end, where the road to Northaw and Cuffley turns off from the northern highway. It lasted until the advent of this century when it was effectively demolished by a runaway car, a product of the new motoring age, which dashed into it. The War Memorial now marks the site.

It is the old north road so 'Green Man' and 'Robin Hood', 1730s

The Grove

The Cottage, eighteenth century

Hatfield Road

The road is touched with the rural charm which has characterised it since Bamet and, on descending from Potters Bar into Littleheath, there are still fields and woods which the spate of building, centred about each station on the main line, has not yet affected.



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