Great Wood


The Ridgeway

Plumridge Hill Water Tower. Red brick water tower of battlemented design, built 1913-14 to supply local residents.

Coal post on the north side of the Ridgeway at the junction with Shepherds Way and Well Road.

Subsequent to the Enclosures Act, the Great Wood was sold off and the southern boundary was formed by the new Toll Road (The Ridgeway) built in 1811

Pillbox on the ridgeway

Eight roadblocks where the anti-tank ditch of the Outer London Line crossed the Ridgeway. Eight now

Line of antitank blocks that run past the white cottage in the photo and at the entrance to Woodlands, off B157

Some remains of the anti tank ditch lying in the wood leading from the road blocks.

Well Road

Coal post by the entrance to Queenswood School.



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