Brookmans Park


Brookmans Park

The former parkland, once the property of the Gaussens in the later coaching era lies west of the road; the name nowadays is associated mostly with a railway station on the main line, with the housing estates in that area and with a golf course on the former estate.

Transmitters, BBC, Station London wireless goes from 200 masts in the low buildings, two compete transmitters one for local and one for national, electric powder from the BBC's own generating plant operated by oil engines, transmissions from Broadcasting House from Post Office landlines opened 1929.  Plan used for the next 8 stations set up.  Transmits radio 5 live virgin, etc.

Folly gates to Brookmans Park, archway between two doors, brick farthing between each pair of bricks, Improved by Humphrey Repton.  Sir Jeremy Sambrook of North Mimms, erected the curious high brick entrance.

Site of Garden City which didn't quite make it

Stables are golf club house

The Mymms

Line of medieval Great North Road


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