Upper Elmers End

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Cheston Avenue
Large 1930s development of modern brick semis and the odd decorative sun ray.
Ornamental entrance lodge to the Monks Orchard mansion
Park Farm. Also called West Shirley Farm. Monks Orchard Wood ran diagonally across the northern boundary of the farm, which was also the county boundary. The farm buildings were at the south east corner of a large two part lake. A track went from the farm to the King's Arms. When Lord Gwydir died his Langley estates were sold and Park Farm was disposed of for £6,000 to John Maberley, who also bought Ham Farm. Maberley died about 1833 and Ham Farm went to Mr. Morrice while Park Farm went to Samuel Jones Loyd who was a Trustee of the National Gallery and took a leading part in the Royal Commission for the Great Exhibition of 1851. In 1850 he became Lord Overstone. Samuel J. Lloyd built a new mansion and laid out gardens and lawns, and also re-built the farm with stables and outbuildings. His initials and the date 1843 are over the doorway on the south side of the farmhouse. Entrance from the Croydon-Wickham road was via  two long drives, one from the lodge (White Lodge at Wickham) by the White Hart, and the other coming from Shirley. Another long drive went to White Lodge, on Upper Elmers End Road. Samuel J.LLoyd called it Wickham Park and planted a Lebanon Cedar. which still stands behind the Dower House.  In 1853 or 1854 Lord Overstone, disposed of Wickham Park to his cousin Lewis Lloyd, Junior. The name Monks Orchard for the estate originates with him and he built a new mansion at Monks Orchard Wood at the northern end of the lake. The lake became an ornamental water with a horse-shoe shaped waterfall in steps, producing cascades. It was called Monks Orchard.  The earlier house was called Park Farm and later the Dower House. In 1920 it was put up for auction in 44 lots, including Ham Farm, Eden Park Farm, Shirley Park, Spring Park and the public housed The Rising Sun, The Cricketers and The White Hart. 

Baptist Church

Eden Park
Eden Park. Shown on the Ordnance Survey map of 1876 but as simply ‘Eden’ on the map of 1819. The farm and mansion here, originally part of the Langley Estate were named from the family of William Eden, later the 1st Lord Auckland, who bought the property in 1807.

Orchard Way
116 Orchard Pub. Modern with pine interior. Cedar  trees outside. 

Edenham High School

Orchard Avenue:

Upper Elmers End Lane
166 Rising Sun 
Entrance to Park Farm/Wickham Park
Eden Park School.  Occupies a site and a house in Upper Elmers End Road formerly called The Hollies. founded in the mid 1930s by Mrs A. Mallick, who ran it until her death. It educates boys and girls from 4-11 years
Eden Park Hotel


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