Bromley Common

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Post to the south Norman Park

Bromley Common

Hamlet here by the 16th. Stretches to Hayes Lane was called Shooting Common, all the common extended to Hayes Road & was a real proper common with highwayman, Evelyn was robbed there in 1652. Enclosure from 1764.

Playing Field

Baptist Church, cheap early Christian 

Chatterton Road

Area called the ‘building field’.

41 Chatterton Arms

Homesdale Road,

Was called Brick Kiln Lane, was farm

Bromley Gas Works my notes, 1860, Bromley Gas Co., 1912, Bromley & Cray Gas C Co. & SS Co., single holder station, 1954 production ended, 2-3 lift 1889, d-3 lift spiral 1969 moved there in 1894.

Lord Homesdale

Page Heath Lane:

4-6 early Shaw houses. 1866. Minor and altered. Part of Stockwell College Estate.

8 built by Newton for himself

Little Orchard. By 1902, Newton has almost made the transition. All is Georgian vernacular, including the pair of canted window bays; all, that is, except the long staircase window, pushing the porch over to the left.

Southlands Road

St.Luke’s Institute. Dexterous play with geometrical shapes.  An early work by Ernest Newton. Yellow brick. Especially neat the contriving of the porches, white triangles in profile that continue the line of the roof. More ordinary side elevation with buttresses between big segmental windows.  Raglan road corner


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