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Chelsfield Lane

Trips Lane. Old barn and gravel.

Coats Factory section for supply of lacquers and coating for metal containers and boxes an intensely specialised field for coating food industry cans, marked in Bermondsey and Charlton

Chang an Tang built for J.Child photographer.  Means studio

Cockmannings Lane

House with a subsidence on the rear lawn. The lawn and part of the flower bed had sunk, and the subsidence was nearer to the house,  

A hole in a field, which enlarged and belled out. The hole was found to be wholly in Thanet Sand.   No chalk was visible.   It appeared to be the result of the collapse of an underground chalk chamber, which had worked its way to the surface. There were no nearby surface depressions to indicate the presence of a chalk well or dene hole shaft.  

Grassmead Estate

 Local roads dedicated to RAF pilots from the Battle of Britain.

Mungo Park Way

War memorial. Unveiled by Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding 25th May 1965. By far the most modern in Bromley

Quilter Road


Ramsden Road


2 Chalkwells

Rookesley Road

9-10 V2 behind. 5 dead, 46 injured. March 1945

Waldenhurst Road

Denehole. Plough horse fell into it.


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