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Chelsfield Lane

Coal post. One the west side by a park entrance

Court  Road

Orpington Sports Club. Dene hole in the north east corner,

Goddington Park

Goddington. Marked thus on the Ordnance Survey map of 1876, recorded earlier as Godinton in 1240, a manorial name from the de Godinton family who took their name from the hamlet of Godinton near Ashford in Kent.

Dene Hole. This open shaft, known locally as "Goddington Park denehole", is situated in a small copse approximately 500 yards S.E. of the junction of the A 222, Orpington by-pass, with Charterhouse Road. The copse is situated near the West edge of a field owned by the O.U.D.C. and leased to a farmer. The shaft is reached by entering Goddington Park and walking across to the Sports Pavilion.  Here a footpath leads across the field to Chelsfield.   The course is plainly seen from here, and the other path, running alongside the hedge, leads to it.   The path continues through the wood and leads right up to the hole, about 100 yards inside the wood. It is rather difficult to ascertain the original dimensions as the hole has had a lot of rubbish tipped into it and the sides of the shaft have fallen in at the top.   The apex of the rubble cone is now only surface.   The shaft, now about '12 ft. in diameter, was probably about 3 ft. across and of constant width.   It was originally about 20 ft. deep, with a quatrefoil arrangement of chambers at the bottom. The East chamber is the largest; about '16 ft. long and 8 ft. high.

Denehole about 10 ft. long and 8 ft. high, one being the full of rubble.   There is about 5 ft. of loam overlying the chalk, which contains few flints.


Site Just inside the wood, coming along the path, there is another remarkable site about 20 ft. across, which may well be another shaft, which has been filled in.



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