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The Chenies

1930s smart houses Noel Rees. Tudor or arts and crafts

Chiselhurst Road

Garden suburb of the 1930s Basil Scruby and Leonard Culliford

Footbury Hill

Poverest Recreation Ground. Large, gently sloping recreation ground.  Bowling green, Children’s play area. Football pitches

Covet Wood is a conservation area and is situated alongside the park. An ancient wood on damp clay soils of the Woolwich Beds. Oak dominate over outgrown coppice of ash and hazel.  Ground flora includes butcher's-broom and a colony of martagon lily presumably a garden escape.  Two ponds.

Poverest Road

Marked as Poverest on the Ordnance Survey map of 1904, earlier ‘Pomerish’ on the maps of 1819 and 1876, a manorial name from the family of Margaret de Pauery 1327, the final t being a modem addition.

Hodsolls' farmed here, area called Slopers

Doss house on the corner has gone


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