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Wrotham Park

Wrotham Park Mansion. ‘commands a fine view over a wide spreading glade that opens up in the distance to some of the richest parts of Middlesex and Hertfordshire,' (Paterson's Roads 1830).  at that time it was occupied by Admiral George Byng, MP for the county and father of the House of Commons, whose family had built it calling it after their family seat at Wrotham, Kent.  Wrotham Park became a school but Paterson's description demonstrates how it lent an air of serenity to the mail coach road, which borders it for nearly a mile. Built 1754 by Isaac Ware  and Very grand. Restored 1883. Privately Owned but once owned by Middlesex County Council. Impressive Grey stucco front with ionic columns. Neptune, dolphins etc. 

Home Farm.  Single cylinder grasshopper beam engine 1856 by Easton & Amos, used to drive a sawmill and farm machinery, and to pump water to Wrotham Park.  The engine has an unusual air pressure governor.  The farm buildings, listed grade II, are being converted to office use,

250-acre park.

Nice gates.


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