White Downs Road

Part of an old route which goes from Effingham down the North Downs scarp to Crossways Farm on the A25. It then goes through Abinger, Sutton and Holmbury St.Mary and by the Holmbury hill fort.  This is one of the old roads connecting North Downs settlements with swine pastures in the Weald.

Wilberforce Cross. This marks the spot where Samuel, the son of William Wilberforce, the anti-slavery campaigner, tumbled to his death when his horse stumbled on 19th July 1873. He was Bishop of Winchester, and the unusual cross carries the mark of his office. With him at the time was Lord Glenville, Foreign Secretary. Was on his way to dinner with the Leverson Gowers.

Pillboxes. Particularly good examples of pillboxes are found which was convincingly disguised as a café. 


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