Moor Park


To south former Batchworth Mills absorbed into waterworks. Another was a 150-yard cut built in 1818 to serve Batchworth Mill, which had just become part of John Dickinson paper making empire:now  Affinity Water, 

The cut actually comes off the River Colne as it heads to cross the canal having come through the mill, having powered the machinery until 1910 


Sandy Lodge Lane

Moor Park owned by Middlesex County Council

Moor Park estate, comprising some 500 acres and formerly the seat of Lord Ebury. It is now owned by Moor Park, Limited, who are developing it as a building estate. Here the roads and houses which have been constructed are of a very superior type, the houses standing in large attractive gardens, making this estate a very pleasant garden suburb for London residents of the well-to-do class.

Moor Park Golf Club house.  Moor Park Mansion, amid the grassy slopes of the golf course. The Park was given to the Earl of Oxford after Bosworth the first house built for the Archbishop of York. It became Wolsey’s main home where Catherine of Aragon lived during her divorce proceedings.  The park was bought by Charles II's natural son, the Duke of Monmouth, who first built the mansion. After his execution following the rising of 1685 and the Battle of Sedgemoor, his widow had the fine oaks that around the house lopped and pollarded, and the boles filled with lead to enforce her vow that none of the Duke's timber would be used for English warships. their successors remain. Benjamin Styles, a merchant who made a fortune out of the South Sea Bubble affair, rebuilt the original house, covering the old brickwork with stone facing and was advised by Thornhill, who painted the saloon ceiling. There was also advice Giacomo Leoni, it became a baroque house with superb interior decorations. 'Capability' Brown landscaped the grounds at a cost of £80,000.

The current house is on a different site, and is of Portland stone, built in 1673 by James Fitzroy. It is now leased to the Golf Club by the Rickmansworth U.D.C.. 

Temple Gardens


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