Mill Hill


Bunns Lane
Mill Hill.  Old Railway Line Deans Lane to Bunns Lane.   A linear reserve occupies a stretch of disused railway line which is now mixed woodland with a meadow- like character. When the Mill Hill to Edgware Tube line was abandoned the Borough acquired this section to provide a walkway close to Lyndhurst Park. .
Copthall Sports Centre Playing Fields,
Copthall Sports Centre. In the extensive former grounds of Copthall, a 17th mansion emolished in 1959. Stadium and swimming pool of the 1970s.
Copthall Railway walk across it on the line of the old Mill Hill Edgeware Line. There was once a proposal for a station along this stretch of line, and later talk of extending the Northern Line for nearly a mile beyond Mill Hill East to serve the Stadium. 
Farm House Court

Page Street
Ex-railway earthworks rise up to an artificial mound, then drop down sharply to a sunken imitation tube tunnel portal underneath Page Street.  A way under the road was sealed off some years ago.
Old Roman road to Mill Hill. Site of a hamlet by early 19th
Copthall North School.  example of interwar school building . Built in 1936 as the County School for Girls, one of W. T. Curds and H. W. Burchett's for the MCC. Classrooms round a quadrangle behind the line of the non-existent Northern extension.  Substation built at Page Street and equipped. Cabling post still there.  Was used as a store and then demolished 

The Hale.
Laing's civil engineering headquarters.  on the Edgeware side of the road modem premises on the site of the completed but unused sub-station and adjacent trackbed.  Late 1970s, sub-station demolished 1976-7.  Laing built up much of this area

Rowlands Close
Residential cul-de-sac on the south side of Bunns Lane was built over the trackbed in the late 1970s,

Wise Lane
Featherstone House. 1700 with 18th new front and windows 


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