Limpsfield Common

On Limpsfield Common, clays (brick earth) associated with the Sandgate Beds have also been worked to produce bricks.

Limpsfield Brick Works There was a brick works on Limpsfield Common until the beginning of the 20th century, which could be part of a local tradition dating back to the 18th century. Red bricks and tiles were manufactured, although it is said that grey stock bricks were also produced. The bricks may be seen locally incorporated into door and window frames but the locally dug stone was cheaper than bricks and the older local houses are largely built of this stone. A pit where the brick-earth was dug is to be found on the golf course in Brick Kiln Lane. The brick-earth was mixed with Weald Clay, brought from a distance to make the bricks.

Links Cottage was the manager's house.

Wolf’s Row

Terrace in Weald sandstone

Stonewalls battlemented front of 1903.

St. Michael’s School. 1886 ferocious utilitarian brick. Tower visible for miles.


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