Brighton Road

Challoner Close
Centre piece of the Grange Estate

North Circular Road
Finchley lido, water polo games in 1948 Olympics cutting

High Road
The main ancient route through Finchley, the medieval Great North Road running from Highgate through what was once Finchley Common.
Green Man marks the intersection of the old Great North and North Circular Roads.  modernised  and on site of a well-known halt on the north road.  Everything about this place has changed.  Once it was known as Brown Wells in the middle of Finchley Common,
Turpin’s Oak.  It was the custom of travellers to fire at an old oak as they passed, with the object of hitting highwaymen who might be hiding behind the tree or lurking in the vicinity.  The ancient tree under the name of Turpin's Oak, survived into this century.
East Finchley Methodist Church, 1896-7 by Elijah Hook.  
Former hall by G.E. Withers, 1908-9.
Martin School 1912. 
451 School 1903. 
A bank and ditch along the eastern edge marks the parish boundary between Finchley and Hornsey.
Cemetery Gatehouses - original buildings by Bamett & Birch. Anglican chapel by Bamett & Birch , with central spire. Islington chapel 1896 by Forsyth & Maule, The St Pancras Anglican chapelis at the centre of the semicircular drive which links the entrance and exit to the cemetery. Built in 1853 by John Barnett and William C. Birch It was used by both St Pancras and Islington until 1896, when the Islington chapel was built. Nonconformist chapel built in the early 1850s by Barnett and Birch. It was demolished in the 20th 

Oak Lane
Name is a reminder of Turpin’s Oak on the Great North Road.
Health Centre 1938 built by the Borough together with the Grange Estate 
1930s Grange Estate for Finchley Borough
Mowbray House.  

Red Lion Hill
Clearance for the Borough of Finchley's Grange Estate

Squires Lane
Manorside School.  c. 1900; long, one-storey frontage 

Strawberry Vale
Hawthorne Dene, pair of back to back cottages 1825.  interior All fluted iron - was it fire protection?
Five storey barrier block 1978 

Thackrah Close

Wilmot Close
Parish almshouses Cleeve House.  Plus meeting room


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