Farnham Road,

Hogs Back line of old road

The Street

Shalford Church. Bunyan lived here and church may be an influence. Slim spire of church rebuilt in 1846

Stocks in the church yard

Ancient stone with a socket for a maypole

Shalford Rectory. Was exiled home for a whole of Count d’Artois later Charles X of France During the Revolution.  He tried to undermine the Republic by forging notes on paper with the same watermark as nearby Albury Park paper mill, who were making the real thing.

Wey Navigation

Weir.   The simplest form has the water flowing over the weir. Some have gaps in them into which are fitted paddles known on the Wey as sluices or gates which can be drawn up to allow water to pass through under them. Some of these are referred to as at Shalford, as the 'Riff-Raffs'.


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