Hilfield Lane

Hillfield Castle - Sly's Castle.  Gothic fantasy 1805 by Sir Jeffrey Wyatville  It is a cemented building, castellated and turreted and has a gatehouse with porticullis.
Large house. Circa 1798-99 by Jeffry Wyatt for G.Villiers. RThe
house was built as Hillfield Lodge replacing Slys Castle. The garden
(south) front differs only in minor details from the extant elevation
drawings representing one of Wyatt's earliest known designs.

Hillfield lodge


boat house


Elstree Aerodrome.

Elstree Aerodrome has been a very active centre of private flying.   It is used by aero clubs and private pilot owners to base and operate single and twin engined light aircraft and helicopters. In the late 1930s the Aldenham estate was a country club. flying was smart and fashionable and  the Aerodrome started as a grass field to cater for their needs together with a small hanger. Im thje Secojd World WaR a concrete runway was laod plus more hangars and itr necame a base for Wellington Bombers which were towed here from a factory in Watford amd assembled in the hangar. After the war London Aero and Motor Services started a flying club and brough fruit from Italy in Halifax Bombers – which stppped following an accident. There were attempts to sert up othjer faciltioes whole the hangars deteriprated. Eventuallyu a mamanger was appointd amd the flying clib continued. A fluing schoo;, a droimkiong clun amd a customs post were set jup.


Elstree Aerodrome. Web site

Headley and Meulenkamp. Follies

Whitelaw. Hidden Hertfordshire


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