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Halbutt Street

Continuation of Broad Street from Ripple Street

Halbutt Street School

Pettits Farm old building kept when the estate was built

Northfield Road

Oxlow Lane

Joyner's Cottages

Hunters Hall Cottages,

Grays's Cottages,

Holy Family (R.C.). 1934 by W.C. Mangan. 

Parsloes Avenue

Railway tracks were laid down the centre of these avenues to transport building materials on to the estate from the river, their line still represented by the generous grass verges of the completed design.

Kingsley Hall. School, Church and Community Centre. A branch of the settlement founded in Bromley-by-Bow and established by residents of the estate who had been moved from there.

Children’s House. Nursery School. 1930-1. designed  in 1925-6 by C. Cowles-Voysey, who also designed the nursery school in Bromley-by-Bow. Single storey with central block and low classrooms with pantiled roofs. open veranda. Opened by ishbel Macdonald in 1932. The first recognised nursery school on a new estate.

Church. 1938-9. Strictly austere in pale brick,  - Big extension for Community Centre by Edward D. Mills and Partners, 1957-8. 

Sydney Russell Comprehensive, the former County High School, by John Stuart 1936-7-Later additions including a striking Online Centre and Creche by Cottrell & Vermeulen 2003. Steel screen by Simon Patterson with a map of the world, manufactured at Ford, Dagenham

Raydons Road

Raydons House

Terrace View

Wood Lane

233-53 Estate design with decorative use of brick and tile was combined with nods to the Essex vernacular in the use of pantiles, weatherboarding and even, to a very limited degree, timber framing

The Cherry Tree, by C.C. Winmill and EG. Newnham, 1933, evokes a late c17 double pile house in red brick with low wings and steeply pitched roof with big square dormers.

Wood Lane

St. Elizabeth 1931-2 by Sir Charles Nicholson. 

Vicarage, also by Nicholson



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