Dollis Brook - Dollis Brook Valley

Dollis Brook
The Dollis Brook flows south and east

Posh area with open space around the Dollis Brook

Post to the north Pricklers Hill
Post to the east Whetstone
Post to the south Totteridge Lane

Brook Farm Open Space
This is an open grassland corridor, with damp grass flood plain meadows. Hedgerows and grasslands are managed under a traditional 'cut and lift' management regime. By Barnet Council with The 'Friends of Brook Farm Open Space'. The Dollis Valley Green Walk passes through it.

Great Bushey Drive
Totteridge Tennis Club “Situated in the leafy suburbs, it is the home of North London Tennis”

Links Drive
South Hertfordshire Golf Club. This is said to have been founded because those in Muswell Hill and Hampstead clubs could not play on Sundays. In 1899 the Committee and members of Muswell Hill Golf Club where the grounds belonged to the church, faced the prospect of being expelled from their grounds and clubhouse. It was decided to find a new ground. It was agreed to buy this piece which was then just within Hertfordshire. However Muswell Hill Golf Club was not expelled and remains today. The new course and clubhouse opened in 1900/1901.

Wyatts Farm Open Space

Brook Farm Open Space web site
Totteridge Tennis Club web site
South Hertfordshire Golf Club web site


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