M25 Westerham Croydon Road

Post to the south Moorhouse Bank
Post to the east Westerham
Post to the west Clackets Lane

Croydon Road
Southern Gas Networks. Pressure reducing site.  Old gas works site. The   Westerham Gas and Coke Co., Ltd. Dated from 1857 and supplied gas to the town until nationalisation in 1949. There were two holders.  The site is surrounded by a wall which may be built of gasworks or other rubble and waste

Devil of Kent
This wood is on the Kent side of the border which runs down the west side of it.

Farley Common
Partly wooded stretch of common land,

Kent/ Surrey Border


Squerries Sand Pit
Squerries Sand Pit. This is a soft sand extraction site consisting of a large deep pit and a number of small pits and some ponds.  More excavation is planned between the present workings and the motorway; the pit, while large and very deep, is not easily seen. There are some paint ball and similar activities on part of the site

Westerham Wood
Woodland designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest

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