M25 Polhill

Post to the north Polhill
Post to the west Otford
Post to the south Dunton Green

Crow Drive
Great Stockholme Wood

Filston Lane
Covered reservoir


Old Polhill
This is an abandoned road and not available for traffic. It is however partly still laid out with white lines, etc. On older maps it is marked as Halstead Lane and is on this route at least by the 1860s.  It appears to have been a tributary road from Otford to the pre-turnpike Bromley-Sevenoaks Road and meeting it at Pratt’s Bottom.
Mast. T mobile site by the railway
Tunnel under the motorway which the path goes through – wide enough for a roadway
Dane Trench.This is an earthwork running east west at the foot of Polhill. Nearby is Dane Bottom
The area along the eastern flank of the hill is historically known as No Mans Lane

This was the turnpike road built in 1834 which replaced the older route from Bromley to Sevenoaks which ran to the west via Knockholt.
Hangman Down Shaw. Roadside woodands. A 'shaw' is acoppice or thicket.
Old Grove

Kent Archaeological Society. Web site
Mast data. Web site


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