Dollis Brook tributary - Holders Hill

Tributary to Dollis Brook
A tributary rises in this area and flows south

Post to the north Mill Hill
Post to the east Mill Hill East
Post to the south Holders Hill

Bittacy Hill
Mill Hill Gas Works. The works was originally owned by the North Middlesex Gas Co. Ltd.  It was constructed by R. Laidlaw of Edinburgh, on a part cash, and part share participation basis. In 1861, becoming a statutory company in 1871. It was taken over by the South East Gas Corporation in 1937 and on nationalisation in 1949 became part of the North Thames Gas Board. Until 1912 the plant consisted of direct fired hand charged retorts after which stoking machinery was introduced in stages. In 1936 a new large retort house of advanced design was installed. The works was connected by a siding to what was then the Great Northern Railway. Since closed and demolished.  It has been replaced by a supermarket, commercial leisure facilities and housing.   
Brick feature and some pathways found by archaeologists ion the Gas Works site thought to be an 18th farm
Bittacy Hill Park. A small park on a It is a hilly grassed area with mature trees

Bittancy Road
Fence at the end of the road marks the limit of London Underground’s ownership
Landscaped area just beyond the bend in the road is the site of the trackbed of the Mill Hill Edgeware Line.

Bray Road
An internal road in the Barracks. Buildings are scattered on it or in adjacent areas.
Officers Mess. A brick building of 1904, with date stone, fancy chimney and Palladian entrance porch with a battalion emblem in mosaic on the doorstep.
War Memorial in granite with inscriptions and dedications
Women’s Royal Army Corps Officers’ Mess. Built 1960s
Gym, brick built 1980s
Quarter Masters Stores
Officers Mess garages
Dog compound with kennels

Brownsea Walk
Scout Hut. Used as a nursery, etc.

Hendon Golf course
On the site of Holders Hill dairy farm
Hendon Golf Club began in 1900 when local residents laid a course out on farmland with balls dodging the livestock. After 1905 a clubhouse was built and in 1926 the course was professionally laid out and a new clubhouse was built. This was requisitioned in the Second World War and subsequently set alight. The current club house was built in 1965

Milespit Hill
Milespit Hill Waste. Opposite the cemetery entrance is a former manorial waste registered as a commons
Mill Hill Cemetery. This was opened in 1936 as the New Paddington Cemetery. In 1923, Paddington needed a new cemetery and 26 acres were purchased here. E E Lofting was appointed architect in 1933. who designed the brick chapel. There is a Dutch section with war-time graves which was Opened in 1965 as the Dutch National War Memorial in Great Britain. The central memorial has a bronze sculpture of a dying man by Cor Van Kralingen, with the inscription 'In Memory of the Netherlands War Victims 1940-45'. There is also a plot of Commonwealth War Graves, and a Royal British Legion War Memorial. To the south are memorials to ordinary people in Paddington and Hendon killed during World War II. In 1987 Westminster City Council sold this cemetery to a private company for 15 pence and it was immediately sold on to a speculative property company and the cemetery neglected. In 1992 following a ruling from the Ombudsman Westminster City Council bought it back

Pursley Road
The road parallels the ex-rail route on the north side.
Bridge over the defunct rail line. It has curved brickwork which faces mill hill east.
Dollis Junior School. Opened 1939

Milestone VIII miles from London in front of 8

Salcombe Gardens
Mill Hill East Free Church. Designed by R.R. Wilkins of Beard, Bennett, Wilkins & Partners in 1963. Adjacent is a hall and classrooms of 1951

Sanders Lane
Overbridge on the ex-railway – this part of the road is now blocked to vehicular traffic, and the bridge is said to be in a very poor state
Angel and Crown Pub.  Previously called The Railway Engineer or the Royal Engineer

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