River Gade. Noake Mill

River Gade
The Gade flows south eastwards

Post to the east Piccotts End

Leighton Buzzard Road
A4146 this stretch of the road is a non-primary A route – it is shown as red on maps, and has white signage with black lettering but it function is duplicated by a more important road.
Grist House Farm. House built around 1700 with an extension of 1800. It has a timber frame on a brick base.
Hiller Nursery
Picotts End Electricity Sub Station
Piccotts End Pumping Station, operated by Three Valleys Water. This dates from 1939 pumps mains supply water from chalk boreholes

Noake Mill Lane
Barn, belonging to Grist House Farm, now commercial premises. It is 17th with a timber frame on red brick and dark weather boarded,
Noake Mill. The mill was mentioned in 1363. It is in red brick and dates from 1850. It is the highest mill on the Gade.  It was used as a youth hostel in the 1930s. Owned by Cura & Son goldfish breeders.
Picotts End Pools. Fish farm and fishing complex owned by Cura and Sons
Watercress beds north of the mill
Gaddesden Hall. Manor house. With a medieval cross wing and hall range with flint walling rebuilt in the 16th, probably for Martha Jermyn. It was the manor-house of Southall which was a sub-manor of Great Gaddesden and first recorded in 1200. The house was originally called Southall, then Oliver's Place after Robert Oliver who held it in 1448, but Gaddesden Hall since the 17th. It was used as a farmhouse until 1914.

Picotts End Road
Piccotts End Mill.  The mill site probably predates Domesday but stopped work in the mid 20th and the large mill pond also disappeared. It has been described as 18th or early 19th. Brick and painted weatherboarding, with a central gabled overhanging sack hoist.  By the 1970s it was an outlet for animal feed which was stored in two large corrugated iron barns. It was then sold to developers who got consent to convert it to housing provided the front face of the mill was preserved. However it burnt down and was later demolished by Barratts. It appears now to have been rebuilt in pastiche and the listing has been removed.
Piccotts End Mill House. 18th brick house, At one time the home of historians Barbara and John Hammond.

Thrift Wood

A4146 Wikipedia. Web site
British Listed Buildings. Web site
Dacorum Council. Web site
Piccotts End Residents Association. Web site


Adele said…
How fabulous to find this. My Grandmother, Tosa Anna Cura was Luigi Cura's granddaughter. Her mother took Rosa, Daisy and their brother Luigi to Perth Australia after her husband Dominic Cura died of TB. I visited the house and Goldfish ponds in 1989 and have always wanted to return.

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