Saturday, 8 October 2011

Thames Tributaries Seven Kings Water - Hainault Farm

Thames Tributaries Seven Kings Water and Hog Hill Ditch
Seven Kings Water flowing south east joins Hog Hill Ditch flowing south west and they flow south east towards the River Roding.

Post to the north Hainault
Post to the south Little Heath

Hainault Road
After the disafforestation of Hainault in the 1850's new roads were made in the former forest area, of which the most important was Hainault Road. The area was farmland taken over for wartime RAF use and then returned to farmland, purchased by Ilford Borough Council post war to prevent expansion into a civilian airport.
Hainault Farm Aerodrome situated to the east of Hainault Road was occupied by the Royal Flying Corps in 1915
Fairlop Quarry - operated by Brett Lafarge Limited for gravel extraction. Silt is produced which is piped to a silt lagoon. The pipe runs adjacent to Hog Hill Ditch
Hainault Farm. 1855
Hainault Farm cottages
Hainault Works 1855
Industrial units on sites east of the road.

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