The London/Hertfordshire boundary - Enfield Chase

The London/ Enfield/Hertfordshire boundary Goes north east from Long Hill to cross Southgate Road

Countryside area on the edge of Enfield

Post to the south Hadley Wood
Post to the east Plumridge Hill
Post to the west Ganwick Corner
Post to the north Potters Bar interchange

Enfield Chase
Royal hunting forest. George II sold it and 1777 act of enclosure parcelled it off.

Sites on the Hertfordshire side of the border

Fir Wood
Managed by Hertfordshire and Middlesex TNC, Woodland with woodpeckers

Hornbeam Hills.
Geometric field patterns and pylons

Chase Cottage Farm

Chase Wood

Southgate Road
Stagg Hill
Fenny Slade Hill. Wildlife site
Chase Farm

Essex Lopresti, The New River
London Borough of Enfield. Web site
Pam. History of Enfield
Pevsner and Cherry. North London


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