Eastbrook End

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Central Park Ilford

Incorporates remaining heathland

Chase Road

Travellers’ settlement and grazing horses

Dagenham Road

Eastbrook Farm. Demolished May 1931. Thatched timber building. Built of rushes and paster daub.

campus of Barking College in the area of the old hamlet of Rush Green. Barking College, Facing the street, the former buildings of the College of Further Education. 1961 by H. Conolly, Essex County Architect. A three-story reinforced concrete-framed teaching block with slightly recessed ground floor. Single-storey range, originally for workshops. Extending to the rear over a spacious campus are buildings of several later phases. Bramley Block of 2002-3 by Perkins Ogden Architects with Hampshire County Architects; The whole is tied together by hard landscaping by Hyland Edgar Driver.

Farmhouse Tavern

Behind it two White Hart Lakes for fishing and landscaped mound

Lakes from abandoned gravel pits

North west field is Fels’ Field and derelict Fel’s Farmhouse on Dagenham Road.

Bell House at a bend in the road, early c18, but remodelled and stuccoed. Distinctly pretty with the eponymous bell on the roof ridge: was it added when it was a farmhouse or when it was a school?

Ilford Park Cemetery became Eastbrook End Cemetery

London City Mission

Farmhouse Tavern , originally Eastbrook Grove House, c. 1840 with early c20 additions at the end.

Eastbrook End

Around Dagenham Road and Chase Road, rough grassland gravel pits

Eastbrookend Country Park, nearly 350 acres of once derelict land, reclaimed since the early 1990s. The park is contiguous with the featureless Central Park and the Chase Nature Reserve. Land had been sand and gravel quarry. Mosaic of habitats

Millennium Centre, 2000, by Penoyre & Prasad. A showcase for energy efficient design powered by light and wind. Timber-clad with metal roofs swept up at the upper floor and down low over the exhibition centre. Between the two blocks is an off-centre, windowless, stair tower.  Made of recycled waste including car screens

Rhone Poulenc factory.major sponsor of the Chase.

Cottage, thatched timber building there in the 1930s

Eastbrook Grove,

Copse of oaks but gravel extraction has led to lack of water

Greenwood Avenue

Hardie Road

Macdonald Avenue


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