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Maswell Park Road

Maswell Park

Named from ‘Mossewelle’ 1485, ‘Moswell’ 1498, that is "spring or stream of a man called 'Maessa', from Old English ‘wella’ and an Old English personal name. Belonged to an Isleworth charity and the area  was marked off with boundary stones. Let to a colonel who then let it to farmers.

Maswell Park Health Centre

Allottments behind the health centre are the last bits of the charitable fields

Nelson Road

St.Edward, RC, 1961, designed by F. X. Velarde, completed by R. O'Mahony. An elongated plan on a narrow site. Font and aumbry by David John.

Admiral Nelson

Whitton Road

Hounslow Station 1850 Between Feltham and also Whitton and Isleworth on South Western Trains  . Opened August 1849 on the Windsor, Staines and South Western Railway. Originally situated in open country south of the town on the road to Whitton.  New downside booking office in 1933. In 1989n  the station house was let as an office and the ticket office moved to an outbuilding.

Sidings added 1933

Goods Yard. Original yard closed 1968.

New goods yard 1931 and enlarged in 1937.  closed 1967

Northern Star Pub built when the line was opened

South Western Pub also opened on the other side of the line


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