Tandridge Hill


Tandridge Hill

Notable golf course - a curious isolated hill of the greensand range, with a golf-course spreading over the north flanks.

St. Peter’s Church .  Originallt 12th and 13th-century it was ‘restored’ in the 19th century by Sir Gilbert Scott whose wife is buried in the churchyard. There is 12th-century elements in the chancel – a priest's door and lancet window which date from c.1100 – but in the 19th century much early work was removed. A modern belfry has been put on the medieval tower which is supported by four immense timbers secured by cross-pieces – an important example of Surrey timberwork. Scott replaced an aisle, windows and an arch.

Yew. The church is almost hidden by an ancient and massive yew-tree, hollow but still thriving, with a girth of about 33 ft. one of the greatest yew's to be seen anywhere. It has fluted bark, particularly on the side of the bole facing the church. Measured by John Lowe in April 1890, it was 20 feet in the girth at 4 feet. It is tall for a yew and when measured in 1990 stood at over 35 feet. Its estimated age as in excess of 2,500 years. It has been said that the most extraordinary piece of yew dating evidence exists here - The base of the crypt is said to be Saxon times and stone vaulting was built over the yew tree's roots 25 feet from the church, proving the tree was fully grown then. This has however been denied by later research.


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