37-45 exceptionally long row of jettied houses.  16th or early 17th.  Originally individual entrances but a common stair to upstairs lodgings.  One original chimneystack at the east end.

Ernest Bernays Memorial Institute.  1870. Brick stripes and lettered tiles.  Loveable.

82 Broadway House supermarket.  Tradionalist garb of the 80s.  Gollins Melvin and Ward.  1982

1 Buckingham Parade Man in the Moon. Friendly, town-centre Wetherspoon's with a wide entrance, tapering to a narrower area. Pleasant atmosphere incorporating the history of old Stanmore. There are some interesting glass lighting panels over part of the seating

Kerry Avenue

Part of Warren House Estate of mid-1930s.  Landlord Sir John Fitzgerald got Gerald Lacoste to design six exceptional Modern Movement buildings.  1935. Geometrical austerity with a mix of materials.

1 3 6 16

14 for Reginald Uren by himself.

Kerry House.  Bold transitional suburban house.  1937

London Road

Stanmore Station.  10th December 1932. Terminus of Jubilee Line Station from Canon’s Park. Built on the Metropolitan Line as the Terminus of line from Baker Street. It was however half a mile from the village and went No further because of the expensive of tunnels but it was planned to allow for a through station.  It is on the summit of the line and scooped out of the side of the hill.  The station would not have looked out of place on a country gentleman's state with four chimneys and Dormer windows, tiles, clock.  The building in multi coloured red brick and the interior hall of khaki toned tiles with plaster friezes and features framed in hardwood.  It was designed by Charles Clark in neo Georgian with an Awning and white cast iron pillars, shops, 1930s globe lights and LT brackets, Isabella coloured tiles, moulded plaster frieze, and dark hardwood woodwork.  There is an Island platform with waiting room. In 1939 it became a Bakerloo Line station and in 1979 part of the Jubilee Line. Station park and ride since 1975.   It is the end of the Jubilee Line and at the end of the footpath from the station to the car park are the trains lined up ready to go out. 

Goods siding. The only goods site originally on the line.

Attlee lived there west of the station.

Marsh Lane

137 Rising Sun

Nelson Road

Park Farm Estate

Railway Line

The Metropolitan Line to Stanmore here meets the Enfield Ridge and thus enters its terminus in a cutting.


'Place by stony pool', possibly alluding to one of the ponds, which still exist in the gravelly outcrops on the clay soil. ‘ Stanmere’ 1086,  ‘Sanmare' 1392,’ Stanmar the More’ 1563, ‘Stanmore the Great’ 1574.

Valencia Road


Warren Fields


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