St Martha's Hill


St Martha's Hill,

St.Martha’s. ‘restored’ Norman church on the North Downs Way originally dedicated to Thomas a Becket. Said that Mary Magdalene was here with Lazarus and Joseph of Arimathea. Said to be a place where pilgrims could stop and there is a story of a massacre here. In dark sandstone, clinkery ironstone, it is impressive and expresses the lonely exposed site perfectly. the dedication is probably a corruption of St Martyr's. This is the parish church of Chilworth, ½ mile down the valley of the Tillingbourne. It was rebuilt a century ago in the same style as the ruined Norman church it replaced reusing the old materials. The view south includes Albury Park, Hurt Wood, Blackheath and the Hascombe ridges and surrounded by dark pine trees..

Five circular banks

Interpreted as early Bronze Age.  Also associated with 7th martyrs.

Halfpenny Lane


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