Addison Road 

Bacon Lane

Council school senior school.  Special rooms for geography, woodwork, metalwork, cookery, laundry, house craft science room, separate library and gym for boys and girls and separate assembly halls which can be turned into one big one

Copse Wood

One of London's finest clusters of ancient woodland is crossed by several tributaries of the River Finn. An SSSI. These woods are predominantly hornbeam and oak, both sessile and pedunculate, mostly of ancient origin but with areas of secondary woodland as in Copse Wood.  The habitat varies from former hornbeam coppice to young woodland in a strip where former pylons once stood.  The ground flora is typical of hornbeam woods with wood medick.  Forster's wood rush and wood pea being amongst the species that cope with the environment. Hazel contributes to the shrub layer near the stream that flows through the wood. Sedges, ragged robin and other waterside plants benefit from the opening of the canopy along its length.  The number of species and structure has been considerably altered since it was managed as pure coppice. 19C clearance has led to the establishing of younger woodland. The rides and young woodland allow light to penetrate, helping the growth of woodland plants such as wood sage, or soft rush and remote sedge that enjoy the damp. The stream, which enters the wood, supports pendulous sedge.

Highfield Crescent

8 subsidence occurred in December 1992 in a rockery at the rear of the property.  It consisted of a circular hole 7ft. in diameter and 20 ft. deep. There was evidence of brick lining. There is some evidence of mining in the area. Maps show the site as a brick yard and not far away is a Kiln Farm. The Census shows three men living within a quarter of a mile giving their occupation as sand miners.

High Street

Nabir Farm and moat

Crossroads village pump



Hillard Road

One of a number of ‘cultural’ names in the area

Rickmansworth Road

The Grange

The Gate

West Kiln Farm


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