54 Unusual collection of exotics, cacti and Australasian plants. Palm trees, tree ferns and bananas set in an original design. Elevated deck overlooks the  garden underplanted with rare ferns and aroids beside a trickling brook.

Joel Street

156-186 Robert de Burgh 1934

Northwood Hills Station. 13th November 1933. Between Northwood and Pinner on the Metropolitan Line. Opened by the Metropolitan Line. Name was the result of a competition although the area is lower than Northwood itself.  Built on condition that the developer indemnified it against loss for five years, but this was never needed.

Northwood Hills Hotel. Where Elton John first played age 16 for £1 a night plus the whip.

Northwood Hills Estate

Northwood Hills

Called this to sound posh. It was part of Ruislip Common and remained rural until the early 20th  The higher ground at Northwood Hills is the site of Northwood Farm on the Ordnance Survey map of 1880 - now New Farm.

Two well preserved woods.  Progressive semi modern developments from 1933 when the tube came.

Supermarket on the site of the Odeon cinema. Became the Rex cinema demolished in 1975

Pinner Road

Pinner Hosdpital. Just a hut in 1919 and not extended until 1925.

St.Edmund the King. Religious services in 1935 were held in a tent on the site until the church was built in 1964.

30 Frome Court. Childhood home of Elton John.

Potter Street

Northwood Secondary School Extension, system built, a bit of character although cheap

Stanley Road,

28 Front gravel garden with unusual plants and features. Back garden has terrace with groups of small and large pots and steps leading to plantsman's garden. 18ft pergola with many rare climbers, water features, raised beds, natural bog area and small pond. Large plant sale


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