Limpsfield Chart


Limpsfield Chart

Evidence of Roman quarries

St.Andrew. 1895 Blomfield not at home in Gothic. Arts and Crafts reredos.

Church Hall 1959.

Mill House 17th mill removed 1925

Joyce’s-on-the-Chart which is the restored village bakery, now a teashop and restaurant.  Small crude wooden plaques from Oxted e mill are on exhibit (1993).  The plaques, Heasman family heirlooms, read: THIS NEW MILL WAS BUILT 1892-1895.  Geo.  WORSSELL, CARPENTER, OXTED.  F SALES, BRICKLAYER, OXTED, Wall SHOVE, BRICK- LAYER, OXTED.  FIRST STARTED TO GRIND WITH MACHINERY 19th JUNE 1893, 21 MINUTES PAST 3 PM. BINS BUILT DECEMBER 1893, Geo WORSSALL DECEMBER 8th 1893, Mr. AND Mrs HEASMAN, CAROLINE HEASMAN, DAUGHTER; FLORANCE HEASMAN, DAUGHTER; HILTON HEASMAN SON, ALL ILL WITH INFLUENZA. SIGNED Geo WORSSELL       


Chert Pit traces of former pits may be detected in the south side of the B269

Chert Pit traces of former pits may be detected east of the church.

Scearn Bank

Medieval pottery industry in the Limpsfield area which was believed to have flourished in the years 1250-1350. It served the Reigate and 'Croydon areas and the pottery was hand-made without the use of a wheel

Dark grey banks of waste were created by this industry

Stoneleigh Road

Limpsfield Chart Windmill.  This was a post mill situated on the eastward extension of the greensand ridge and built early in the nineteenth century. It was demolished in 1925 but its site is easy to find since it stood between Windmill Cottage and Mill Cottage which is a timber framed house at the junction of Tally Road and Stoneleigh Road. There are photographs of the mill in the nearby Carpenter's Arms. Information about the mill comes from a bill of sale in 1831, photographs (including one of the demolition), local memory and local records. It seems that until 1876 a steam engine supplemented the wind power. However the most curious fact was that it was a left-handed windmill. Normally the sweeps of a windmill will be seen to rotate in an anti-clockwise direction as viewed facing them. The reason for Limpsfield Chart Windmill doing the opposite is not known.      



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