Cline Road

Epsom Road

58 Sandford Arms

Mock Tudor shops on the junction of Epsom and London roads.  Site of the charitable hospital of St.Thomas the Martyr for the sick and elderly.

**Foxendon Road

Allen House – Foxendon Quarry shelter beneath it

London Road

Guildford Civic Hall. 1957-62.

 Opus Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra.

Carlton Hotel

Christ Church a dull estate church.  Ewan Christian, 1868

Imperial Life House.  This consists of an excellently composed and well-detailed series of blocks adjoining at right angles.  They go for an irregular U around the entrance court, building up from three storeys to six.  The architects P. L. Howells of Cow & Gate, the former owners, and Fitzroy Robinson & Partners, 1963-5.

Flats 1959. Modern flats by Katz & Vaughan

Pewley Fort

Mobilisation centre of 1890s.  Major defensive features.

Pewley Hill

Semaphore House.  1851 Octagonal cupola on the top.   Turret and domed roof added after closure. Admiralty, Private from 1854.  It was built in 1821-2 as part of a telegraph line from Portsmouth to Whitehall.  An unpretentious stuccoed house

South Street


Sydenham Road

Was school house lane, around it grew up Charlotteville, tin tabernacle

Robin Hood.  This family-run pub, a stone's throw from the centre. Past one end of the bar is a coffin with a single seat - it used to be a booth. The other end displays a pink pig


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